Pressure Cleaning Prep

How to Get Your Property Ready for a Deep Exterior Clean

You’ve decided to pressure clean. That’s a great first step. A deep clean can transform your property. But before the crew arrives, there’s work to do. Proper prep work maximizes results. Here’s what you need to know or to do before your pressure cleaning contractor arrives:

Clear the Area: Remove Obstacles

Any loose items could get in the way. Think about planters, garden tools, or patio furniture. Move them to a safe space. Not only does it make work easier for the crew, but it also prevents damage. Everything should be cleared away.

Protect Vulnerable Plants and Decor

Pressure washing is powerful. It can harm fragile items. Cover your plants with tarps or plastic sheeting. Do the same for any delicate outdoor decor. Protection is better than cure.

Close Windows and Doors: Keep Water Out

Water under pressure can seep in. You don’t want a wet interior. Make sure all windows and doors are securely closed. Double-check the seals. A simple oversight can lead to unnecessary headaches.

Identify Problem Areas: Point Them Out

You know your property better than anyone. If there are specific spots needing extra attention, mark them. Use chalk or tape. Communication with the cleaning team is crucial. It ensures they focus on areas that matter most to you.

Disconnect Electrical Outlets and Water Supplies

Safety first. Turn off any outdoor electrical outlets. Unplug electrical equipment. Do the same for external water supplies. Power and water are a risky combination. Always err on the side of caution.

Pre-Treat Stains: Get a Head Start

Some stains need extra work. Oil spots or stubborn grime may require pre-treatment. Use a degreaser or specialized cleaning solution. Apply it a few hours before pressure cleaning. It makes the deep clean more effective.

Ready for a Deep Clean?

You’ve done your part. Now let us do ours. Book our professional pressure washing services at Cleanline Painting and Pressure Washing for a thoroughly cleaned property in Granada Hills, CA. For inquiries, call us at (818) 256-3544!

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